I’m here to help you make building a thriving, sustainable business feel like a cruisy adventure

I give you practical legal tools & strategies to protect yourself, your work and your business. Custom-designed with you in mind by a fellow creative entrepreneur, who also happens to be a British Columbia-based business lawyer.

Let’s give you the peace of mind to make a living doing work that lights you up

... so you can spend your time doing more of what you love, crossing things off your bucket list, and building a legacy you're proud of.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

escape the hamster wheel & jump into business momentum

May I help you build solid legal foundations for your business?

Custom Strategic Plan

In 2 sessions together (virtually, of course), I’ll deep-dive with you into your business and help you create a plan to cover your business with the legal protections you need now—and identify what can wait till later—plus, give you the confidence to take on what you can do yourself and delegate what you’d like support on.

Legal Jumpstart VIP Intensive

You sit back & relax while I spend 6 laser-focused hours doing the legal heavy-lifting to move your profit-boosting legal projects from “will do” to “done 😎.”


Get 12 weeks of strategic & practical legal support to move your business forward—from a lawyer who gets you and your business.

Legal stuff can be daunting

I’m here to make business & law feel like strolling along Stanley Park in sweater weather

Hi there, I’m Czarina Pacaide,
business lawyer and founder of Anahaw Law.

After doing “all the right, legal things” and still finding my copyrighted works stolen, I set out to do what  law school didn’t teach me: make my legal training practical
for creators, makers and innovators.

Since starting Anahaw Law in 2019, I’ve used my almost 15 years experience developing nonprofits and social enterprises to give small business owners custom contracts, trademark filings,  corporations, and strategic legal plans designed to grow with them.

Working with large brands, personal brands and everything in between has made me sure of one thing:

I LOVE working with amazingly wonderful creative business owners like you—the ones ready to use business + legal strategies to start strong, scale fast, and build more freedom in their entrepreneurial journey.

How It Works


Share your story

Complete your application to get me up to speed on all the details of your business, your current challenges and where you’re headed, so I can understand your situation & share a few ideas to help you get what you need


Get custom-tailored legal tools and practical strategies

I work with you to create and implement your legal roadmap to support you and your business goals


Confidently build your dream business

A toast to new beginnings!

You focus on doing what you do best, knowing you have the right-for-you systems in place to grow with more freedom & less risk

Picture it:

You’re laser-focused in your studio designing the next awesome thing you’ll be producing for your favourite people—no more spending hours avoiding copycats, dealing with unmet expectations, and keeping track of all the government regulations.

It’s time for you to be the leader of your business and do the things you do best…

… instead of getting exhausted wearing all the hats, doing all the things and worrying about not knowing what you don’t know—leaving you less time to polish your craft, make more sales, and build a life you can’t wait to wake up to every single day.

Ready to take action?

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But giving your business some legal love? Your ride has just begun!

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