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Contract Drafting

7+ Contract Terms & Conditions that Protect Your Business (& You)

People have a loot of assumptions about contracts.

1 – They assume that there is such a thing as a “simple” contract.

2 – They assume that there is never room to negotiate boilerplate language in standard form contracts.

3 –  They assume that every word written on a contract is enforceable.

Welp, call me silly, but I can say with certainty none of the above is true. Lawyer license on the line and everything.

I mean, lawyers are still in courtrooms and boardrooms every day fighting over commas, words spoken & unspoken.

But what if I told you there was a way to cut through some of that legal jargon so you’re not going in blind to the business relationships you’re getting into?

In this episode, I’m sharing 7+ contract terms and conditions to protect you… and your business (Legal Jumpstart VIP Intensive clients (I see you 👋), some of these will be a refresher!)

I’m breaking down (read: translating) the legalese into English. Plus, giving you business examples of how to use these terms in real life. 

Sound cooler than an affogato? Click on the picture below to watch the video on your coffee break.

Once you’ve had the chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your one takeaway about boilerplate clauses?

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