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Why Perfectionism is Good for Creativity & Business

In this episode of From Sala to Studio, we take one more step to banishing “perfectionism” as a bad word and dancing a beautiful tango with my good friend Workplace Anxiety.

As a lawyer, the demands of my profession—and my own desires to serve my clients well–often create pressures on my mental health (apparently, I’m not alone). Couple that with being an entrepreneur and the pressures of that, well, let’s just say my career path isn’t exactly for the faint of heart.

I don’t say that to toot my own horn. But only to preface that every day is a battle to protect one of my most prized possessions: my health.

Some days are easier than others. But then, there are days when the stressors trigger my fight-flight-freeze response.

Recently, I’ve been learning that that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In this episode, I propose that we bust the myth that Perfectionism is the antithesis of Creativity.

Because, and I gather this is an unpopular opinion, managed well, perfectionism may actually support creativity and innovation. 

In this episode, I share with you…

  • My recent battle with perfectionism as a creator
  • Why fear is helpful
  • The Playground Study – what we can learn as innovators from landscape architects
  • How to “steal like an artist” – creating from inspiration without infringing on copyright law

And more!

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